Destroy Limiting Beliefs Instilled By Toxic Parents

This workbook will help you discover and destroy any limiting beliefs that were installed by toxic, narcissistic parents so that you can reach your own happiness

Support & Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

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Work one-on-one with Michele as you walk the unfamiliar steps of your journey to feel Empowered, Confident, Loved & Validated.


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​Meet the men and women that have been trained and certified by the International School of Self-Love/Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. 


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Start releasing emotional baggage that is holding you back on your transformation journey. Love your life again!


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Become a life coach specializing in helping those that have been emotionally and psychologically abused.


Michele Lee Nieves

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, Coach, Author & Energy Practitioner

I’m Michele Lee Nieves and I’ve dedicated my life to helping victims of narcissistic abuse on their journey to escape, heal and fall madly in love with themselves and their life.

Nobody understands what you're going through more than someone who has been there. I grew up with narcissistic family member and had intimate relationships with malignant narcissists. For the majority of my healing journey, I felt as if I was all alone.  I now dedicate my life to being the person for others, that I needed on my own healing journey, so that YOU never feel alone.

What Is Narcissistic Abuse?

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