Destroy Limiting Beliefs Instilled By Toxic Parents

This workbook will help you discover and destroy any limiting beliefs that were installed by toxic, narcissistic parents so that you can reach your own happiness

Support & Healing Complex PTSD

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$375/3 Session Package

Work one-on-one with Michele as you walk the unfamiliar steps of your journey to feel Empowered, Confident, Loved & Validated. Michele has been there, 'get's it' and has been trained in trauma recovery so as to provide the assistance you need in order to get 'unstuck'. 

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3 Month Surviving to Thriving Group Coaching $150/Month
Seating is Limited This Workshop Takes Place Virtually 4 Times a Year 

Work together with Michele, McKayla and a small group of fellow thriver's as you combine emotional literacy together with practice exercises designed to strengthen your healing journey. Overcome social anxiety, emotional flashbacks, toxic shame, inner critic and so much more, together with others that provide support and validation.


Combine Energy Work, Psych K Balances & LIfe Coaching ALL IN ONE PACKAGE to Jumpstart YOUR Recovery


Start releasing emotional baggage that is holding you back on your transformation journey. If you experienced trauma as a child - it is highly likely that you have trapped emotions. Children do not have the emotional literacy to be able to process and release intense emotions - therefore they become trapped, holding back your healing journey. Combining energy work, Life Coaching & Psych K Balances will catapult your healing journey forward! This package includes:

* 2 Energy sessions to release trapped emotions (to release the past)

* 5 Life Coaching sessions with Michele (to create the present that you want) 

* 2 Psych K Balances to re-wire your subconscious programming (so as to enjoy lasting change in present to future)


Become A Life Coach Specializing in Assisting Individuals with Complex PTSD Overcoming Narcisssic Abuse


Have you traveled your own healing journey to the point where you feel compelled and ready to assist others on their healing journey? Do you want to help others come out of 'the fog' so that they too can step into the life they deserve as they break free from limiting beliefs and developmental arrests that are keeping them stuck? Michele knows there is such a need for trained help and has put together a course designed to make you a quality professional coach.


Life Coaching Skills & Mentoring Skills. Michele shares all of the tools that have helped her to shift so many lives so that you too can become an effective life coach



When you have been through stress or trauma you tend to over-identify with one side of our brain, usually the right (emotional brain).Stuck in right brain hyperactivity leaves you stuck in fight or flight, heightened state of anxiety or depression, fear, and other negative limiting emotions fueled by limiting beliefs that self-sabotage your healing journey..

A psych k balance is called a balance because the movements or posture-based activities, balance both hemispheres of your brain so that you reach a whole-brain state. Neuroscience has proven that whole-brain states have the ability to turn the corpus callosum from a wall that divides the left and right hemispheres of the brain, into a bridge that connects them and allows them to communicate in a way that helps change limiting beliefs and perceptions that are lodged deep within your subconscious mind and holding you back from living the life you want as your best authentic self.

Are you ready to remove limiting beliefs that have been holding you back or causing you to repeat unhealthy patterns in your life?

Click Here for more information on what is Psych K.


Michele Lee Nieves

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, International Life Coach, Author & Pysch K Fascilitator

I’m Michele Lee Nieves, an author, content creator and an International Certified Life Coach. I dedicate my life to helping individuals that have undergone childhood trauma, or who have been raised in dysfunctional upbringings and/or who have developed Cptsd as a result of prolonged high conflict relationships.  

Nobody understands what you're going through more than someone who has been there. On my own journey to heal - I had to search and find what works. Not every counselor, therapist or even coach undertands Cptsd and finding effective help was challenging. But as I healed, I gathered all the tools that helped me and I now provide face to face coaching and work with individuals all over the world to truly break free of the side effects of Complex PTSD and to live the life they truly want as their best and authentic self.

We cannot change our past, but when we use it for good - it is so rewarding!! 

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