Introspective Life Coaching Certification

Welcome to my Introspective Life Coaching Certification Course, which is designed to provide you with coaching skills in alignment with the highest standards in the industry. I’m so excited that you are considering becoming a life coach - which is a fast growing career option that enables you to be your own boss in a field that foments a passion for helping others; there is such a need for your unique care and expertise. You may be embarking on this career change because others have noticed your gifts of caring, amazing listening skills as well as the wisdom you provide or maybe a life coach dramatically changed your life for the better - and now you are compelled to pay it forward! Regardless of the reason, it’s time to fine tune your skills so that you can deepen the level of assistance you provide to others. 

This course has been designed to allow you to combine your passion for helping others, your potential, as well as your unique personality to create a business or career that you will absolutely love. There is no greater reward than to be able to be paid for doing what you love while simultaneously changing people’s lives by leaving a small imprint on another persons self-growth journey.

Do you want to know how to determine if YOU would be a successful life coach?

If you can answer yes to the following four questions, then become a life coach can put you on the path to success.

#1 Do you have a passion for self-development?

The greatest life coaches have an amazing amount of passion for developing themselves as individuals, and they want to use and transfer this passion over to others.

Anybody who you consult with is easily able to see this raw passion that you have, which makes it incredibly convincing for them to choose you as their life coach because they know just how devoted you are to self-development. Self-development is like physical development - it is not something that we do once in a while, rather it is a way of life. When we are passionate about shaping our lives externally and internally - passion is contagious.

I always say, the best coaches are coaches that are good coaches to themselves - this is what will enable them to be excellent coaches to others. 

#2 Do you have a passion for helping and inspiring others? 

If you combine your passion of self-development together with helping and inspiring others, then people will gravitate to you because no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care!!

So, if you’re the kind of person that enjoys going the extra mile to help change someone’s life, and you consider it an honor to be invited to help someone with their unique challenges, then this is a career for you. Having a love for people, for helping others is a vital characteristic of life coaches. 

'The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.' William A. Ward

​#3 Are you able to not only empathize with victims of narcissistic abuse, but also relate to them as well?

There are many niches in regards to life coaching - and for many of those niches - understanding what a client has been through, really 'getting it', isn't necessary since life coaching skills are effective enough to help others - even if we have never been through the same circumstances. However, when it comes to this niche - individuals that have been through emotional trauma gravitate to people that understand them, that 'get it'.  Knowing that you truly have “been there” and understand will strengthen the amount of help you are able to give as well as the bond that you will be able to establish with your client. Narcissistic abuse victims are unlikely to search anywhere else for coaching if you can relate with them.  

This trauma informed certification program will polish your skills as to how to assist individuals without re-traumatizing them - as often happens to many of my clients by therapists, counselors and/or coaches that do not understand narcissistic abuse and complex ptsd.

#4 Do you want meaningful work that will allow you to be your authentic self, be your own boss, free up more personal time, transform lives while learning to earn multiple streams of income?

Becoming a life coach, specializing in helping people with Cptsd overcome Self-Love Deficit and Narcissistic Abuse, changed my life. Working online enabled me to spend two years abroad in Mexico, travel to Belize and many other locations, without losing work. Working online has given me the opportunity to work internationally with people living in Africa, India, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, Britain, Argentina, Qatar, Pakistan to list a few. There is nothing more rewarding than having a career that allows you to assist and watch people from all over the world as they transform their life from the inside out, right before your eyes. 

Ready To Be A Successful Life Coach?

I’m so excited that you are considering becoming a life coach specializing in helping those that have been emotionally and psychologically abused, the world definitely can use your unique care and expertise


What Will I Learn?

Using a holistic process, you will learn how to easily and reliably assist your clients as they UN-mesh from emotional manipulators while simultaneously empowering themselves, with results that are fascinating and rewarding. Victims of narcissistic abuse are often stuck in a mindset where they are constantly ruminating about the other person, unable to break the cycle and see through the fog on their own. The tools and approach that you will learn in Introspective Life Coaching are tried and proven to not only work in breaking free of the damage of toxic relationships but also to help others truly connect with their inner self, as they transform their life as opposed to being molded by others. 

Introspective Life Coaches do not view their clients as disordered, broken or the “one with the problem”. You will learn that emotional manipulators cause their victims to carry “their” pathology, all the while seeming to the untrained eye to be the “healthy” individual.

If you have been accepted into the Certification Program, it is because you are not simply “book taught” when it comes to narcissistic abuse, but you have all been there and you “get it”, making your assistance all the more valuable to your clients. You will walk side by side with them on their journey, supporting them as they set and strive to achieve their self-initiated goals. With a focus on the client’s agenda your conversations may cover a variety of topics as clients discover their:

  • Values and attempts to live in harmony with them
  • Needs,- whether emotional, physical or spiritual
  • Motivation- to move forward and live as the best versions of themselves
  • Beliefs – the ones they choose to eradicate as well as new ones they choose to implement
  • Identity – as they shed the qualities, emotions and thoughts that were fabricated by others and embrace their true self identity

As Introspective Life Coaches, when working with individuals who have been through narcissistic abuse, you will no doubt work with individuals that are interested in reaching the following or similar goals:  

  • Self-Care & Self-Love in every aspect of life
  • Healthy Boundaries – setting and enforcing them, as well as teaching others how to treat you with love and respect
  • Overcome Fear of Abandonment and How to Trust Your Gut Instinct
  • Calming the Nervous System -The Connection Between Mindful Meditation & Diaphragmatic Breathing in Turning Off Fight or Flight
  • How to Heal the Brain After Emotional Trauma
  • Self-Parenting/Re-Parenting Skills
  • Upgrade Old Inner Programming by Eliminating the Negative Inner Critic and Developing a Compassionate Dialogue 
  • Lessen Emotional Triggers and How to End Crippling Emotional Flashbacks
  • Respond Without Reacting and Many Other Tools for Those Still in Toxic Relationships
  • Emotional literacy to help 'normalize' what has happened
What Are The Benefits Of This Certification Program?

Those that become a part of this Coaching Certification Program are properly investing in their career. After gathering many different certifications (Trauma Recovery Certification, NLP Practitioner Certification, Energy Practitioner Certification, Professional Coach by an ICF accredited program)  Michele is driven to provide you a self-paced course that provides all the information needed to not only help you become an effective life coach according to the highest standards in life coaching skills, but she also provides valuable information that will help you to get your business off the ground, a niche in which there is a growing demand (,Life coaching alone - without a niche - is challenging; with the right niche and training, your business can grow faster providing you with the results that will keep you motivated and enjoying your new career) knowledge of the most effective tools that she personally has used to help hundreds of individuals experience life changing shifts in their lives; some of the tools include re-parenting, calming the energy body, subconscious programming and removing limiting core beliefs, as well as ongoing support as you strive toward your new career path.

Once the training is complete - each student has the option to join a private Facebook group of coaches that have all taken this program. Here you will be provided further assistance, encouragement, resources and accountability. You are not alone on your endeavors to create a successful coaching practice and this group will help you to find support even after you have completed the certification process. 

Michele has also put together a mentoring program for those that want further, personal assistance in creating and growing their business as well as polishing their coaching skills through effective evaluations and mentoring sessions.




Together with Michele you will analyze where you currently are with your business, what is needed to grow your business, as well as what is blocking your growth as a coach. If you have been trying to grow your business for a while without seeing the results you wish for - this mentoring program is for you.

* Strengthen your understanding as to how to upgrade your own subconscious programming as well as how to help your clients to do the same. We cannot change the exterior until we first change the interior beliefs that are running 95% of our lives and our outcomes.

*Review the trauma informed tools that you have learned so as to ascertain that you are applying them correctly. Michele will help you to effective apply these tools in your life so that you can effectively teach them to others.

*Together with Michele you will analyze 3 - 5 recorded coaching sessions with your clients - the details of how to do this will be given during your first mentoring session.

* The mentoring program is designed to spread the span of 4 months and meets once a month Friday mornings from 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time - 12:00 noon. * 



1. There is a way to transform pain into relief, sadness into brightness, shame into esteem and self-doubt into trust, no words to thank you, Michele, for that.  Michele’s course is so well constructed, designed and applied that it has been my corner stone to my client-based coaching business. As a former victim of narcissists and toxic individuals, Michele stands out for her undivided strength and support. She becomes your ally and your mentor. Side by side, she will help you, as a victim of abuse who has literally been through hell, have a ticket back to paradise through her teachings on this magnificent course. Michele Lee Nieves teaches you to initially patch and finally heal your own wounds so you can ripple that effect onto others. She not only knows how to help you heal utilizing the right tools, but she certainly shows astounding incredible skills to help you accomplish your healing at your own pace. Michele has climbed up the healing ladder all by herself. By doing so, she knows how to teach and motivate you do likewise. Her resiliency, plus your determination, will pave the path so you can be an eye-opener to others. So, do not hesitate to join her in this transformational healing journey because it has certainly transformed mine.  Ada de Hoyos

2. Michele Nieves is a visionary, a pioneer, and mentor in the healing of those suffering from narcissistic abuse and Complex-PTSD. She is only one person and was stretched thin in her effort to transform the impact of narcissistic abuse. Thus, she has pioneered this course, and this program is amazing and truly transformative. Every interaction in this program is a teaching/learning opportunity. The coaching is modeled by the program leadership, and the knowledge of all of the students is employed to improve the group's collective understanding on the subjects of coaching and narcissistic abuse. Clients and students utilize coaching as a tool to remove roadblocks from their paths in order to facilitate individual growth. Michele works with imagination, insight, and boldness.  She is is an open, transparent, skillful, leader and instructor. Michele’s ability to be present is extraordinary and powerful breakthroughs are created, as a result of this presence. She is saving lives one by one, and now is teaching others to do the same. Her eye is always on the horizon, growing her reach through publishing, teaching, coaching, and creating new online classes to transform the world. Prior to my registration for this class, Michele was instrumental in my personal and professional growth because of her YouTube channel, "Michele Lee Nieves Coaching" and participation in this course and becoming a life coach is just a further extension of that growth. All of this coaching work has been done in a safe space. The course material is very difficult and could be very triggering, but Michele has set it up so that everyone is cared for and protected. She works with integrity and understanding for each student in her class. She generates relationships grounded in mutual trust and respect, as her students are from all over the world. This work provides each person, group, community, country and world with limitless possibility. I hope you choose to study with Michele to create real possibility for yourself as a coach. Mary A.

3. "Michele Nieves' Introspective Life Coaching Course, for those of us who are inspired to help people heal and thrive from Narcissistic Abuse, was a powerful and self-healing experience. I not only learned more about myself as a thriver of narcissistic abuse, I learned incredible tools on ways to cope with emotional flashbacks and to re-parent myself. Completing this course has given me the knowledge and skills I need to help others heal and recover from narcissistic abuse and Complex PTSD. As a facilitator, Michele's breadth of knowledge, experience and coaching skills, as well as her very gentle, caring and kind nature, made this course a positive experience and has prepared me well as I coach clients who are in desperate need of assistance. It was truly an honor to work with Michele Nieves. Highly recommended!" Gina P.