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Start Releasing Emotional Baggage That Is Holding You Back From Your Transformational Journey

Heart Wall Removal

Heart Wall is made up of layers of trapped emotional energy called Trapped Emotions.  Using the Emotion Code, I will dismantle your Heart-Wall layer by layer, with each trapped emotion that is released. When your Heart-Wall is removed, you will be more able to easily manifest love, create abundance, feel joy and attract long-lasting, healthy relationships.

In your initial session, we will check to see if you have a Heart Wall.  A Heart Wall is a wall of trapped emotions that your subconscious has built to protect you from emotional trauma.  The heart wall blocks the ability to give and receive love, communicate effectively, and tap into our greatest gifts.  Over time, having this negative wall around the heart can lead to an array of physical and emotional imbalances. The most common symptoms of a heart wall are depression, anxiety, feeling isolated, inability to communicate effectively with others, emotional numbness, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and chest pains.  

Clearing the Heart Wall usually takes 3-5 sessions to fully release and sessions last from 50-90 Minutes. This package includes all the sessions it takes to clear your Heart Wall.


Sometimes there is a core issue that we would like to address, maybe it’s overcoming childhood wounds, or overcoming fear, low self-esteem, shame. We can tailor our sessions to directly releasing trapped emotions that are affecting these specific areas in your life. The Emotion Code helps us cut through stubborn layers of resistance to change. After all, it took many years to get to where you are, so it’s natural that it may take focused attention to remove the limiting scripts that your mind is replaying.

This process can often be resolved in one session.

Releasing Trapped Emotions with Distance Energy Healing

As I traveled my own journey to heal, which let me honest, is not a linear road, I discovered the healing power of releasing trapped emotions, removing emotional baggage that I had been lugging around since childhood, baggage that was weighing me down and preventing me from feeling true joy and happiness not only in my relationships, but with myself as well. 

On that journey, there were weeks where I took 3 steps forward and 1 step back, while other weeks I took 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Regardless of this inconsistency, I knew that I was always moving forward, month after month feeling as if I was re-entering my being once again, feeling connected to my own feelings, thoughts and personality – this reconnection was exciting because…. I truly missed myself!! 

Narcissistic abuse disconnects you from your true self, and molds you into whoever the narcissist needs you to be in an effort for them to gain narcissistic supply and to emotionally regulate themselves. The damage that they cause is so deep inside and the present wounds being created, connect with your deep subconscious wounds that had been unresolved and out of mind for so long.

As I was healing, there were still certain effects of the abuse that I couldn’t seem to get over. I was stuck in anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia due to years of conditioning that a narcissistic abuser inflicts. It was devastating for me to remember the person I was, the person that loved to be with people, that could laugh easy, that knew how to just….be – without an intense fear that seemed to cripple me the second I made eye contact with someone. I missed that person and wondered if I would ever truly be “me” again.

Also, there were deep rooted pains from my childhood that the narcissistic abuse brought to the surface, which were overwhelmingly difficult to handle. 

No matter how much work I did with my conscious mind – while I was able to move forward on a surface level, the damage that went deep down into the roots of my subconscious mind were still affecting my healing journey.

In 2017 I decided to try the Emotion Code, an energy healing method that helps you release trapped emotions on a subconscious level.

I was skeptical, not only wondering how this could take place, but also how it could take place even though the Emotion Code Practitioner was thousands of miles away!!!!

I wondered if it was a fluke, a scam, a sheer waste of my time and money, but I was desperate to continue moving forward on my healing journey, and I wondered if this energy healing was just what I needed to propel me forward. I had 3 sessions in which I had my ‘Heart Wall’ removed.

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