2 sessions to Release Trapped Emotions
5 Life Coaching Sessions 
2 Psych K Balances  
a coaching package that works on the past, present and future so as to help you create lasting change in your life

      Start releasing emotional baggage, while aligning your present life to where and how you want it, and simultaneously re-wiring your programming to create lasting change. This package combines some of most effective tools and healing modalities that Michele uses with her one on one clients to help them to shift and live the life they truly desire as their authentic self. 



Release Trapped Emotions Performed by Certified Emotion Code 
Practitioner Lori Holland

As Michele's coaching practice grew, she knew that she needed to hire individuals that were as dedicated as she was at helping people overcome the devastating effects of emotional trauma. After working together with Lori as well as training her as a Certified Professional Coach Specializing in Complex PTSD Recovery; she has hired her to do the Energy work for her clients. Together Lori and Michele team up to help you catapult your recovery forward using energy medicine modalities.

What is energy medicine?  "Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche." David Feinstein, Ph.D 

Simply put - energy medicine focuses on utilizing the bodies energies to heal instead of surgery or pharmaceuticals. 

"Due to the narcissistic abuse and trauma I experienced in childhood and many years beyond I was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety.  I sought help from many traditional psychotherapists on and off for many years.  Traditional psychotherapy does not directly tap into trapped emotions but works to relieve their symptoms. My life felt influenced and controlled by something that was out of reach for me to understand.

I always felt I was struggling under the weight of something I couldn't quite put my finger on.  I was burdened by emotions stemming from abuse and trauma and I felt powerless to move beyond events in my past.  I felt disconnected from myself and wanted to experience the life I was meant to have and be free from what was holding me back. My narcissistic abuse recovery began when learned about the energy medicine modality of releasing trapped emotions. 

I had an instant innate sense that this was the healing work I had sought for so long.  I begin my own healing and having my trapped emotions released and during this time, it felt like emotional muck from the bottom of a swamp was being released.  I began to see results quickly, the PTSD symptoms began to ease as did the anxiety, self doubt, shame and feelings of worthlessness. It so profoundly changed my life, that I became trained and certified so as to offer others this tranformational energy medicine modality. I am currently finishing up the requirements to become trained and certified as a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach. I am joyfully dedicated to helping other narcissistic abuse victims heal and go on to live the most magnificent life they can." Lori Holland


"Thank you again for another wonderful emotion code and coaching session!  In the session we worked on trapped emotions related to my ankle sprain.  I found it so interesting to discover that some emotions had been trapped as early as 5 years of age.  As I went over the notes from the session, I could see how the trapped emotions might be affecting progress with literally, moving forward!  After our session and in the following few days I noticed that I felt so much lighter!  I've gained lots of energy and also a renewed sense of enthusiasm with my healing and mobility.  I continue to experience new insights, clarity and growth.  The emotion code is amazing and I'm so grateful! Lori, you have truly blessed my life as we've worked together and I look forward to working with you again soon!"  -Colleen M. (Ohio)

"I have done many forms of energy work over the past years and had success.  However, I always seemed to hit a block that I could never get past.  The Emotion Code has been a God send for me because it has helped me break through so many of the blocks that I could never access with other forms of energy work.  I have diligently worked with Lori using the Emotion Code with amazing results.  My life is changing bit by bit from the inside and it is beginning to reflect in my outside world.  For example, issues that used to trigger me with my boss, no longer have any effect on me.  It has made my work life so much more enjoyable as a result.  Lori has been great to work with.  She is a gifted energy worker.  One thing that I especially appreciate about the way Lori approaches her work, is she is always willing to be open minded regarding what is possible which I believe creates a synergistic experience.  She is genuinely interested in my well being and puts her all in to the process in order to help me heal."  Lauren 

"When I met Lori and I was introduced to Emotion Code I really didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect to actually feel stronger and more grounded...but, I did. I have focused on healing in regards to old relationships, and healing in my body/mind connections.
Emotion Code has given me a solid awareness of my ability to accept and love myself and my environment. I would recommend EC and the release of trapped emotions. Thanks so much for helping me understand these traps in my life."  Kathleen Dillon California

Does Releasing Trapped Emotions Really Work?

Yes!  Releasing trapped emotions can be life changing.  Sometimes the release of a trapped emotion will be felt right away, but most of the time the effects are more subtle and are felt over time.  When you are freed from your emotional baggage, you will begin to live in joy, love, peace, happiness and gratitude.  You will experience a greater sense of serenity and feel more calm, centered and balanced.  You will be more secure and confident and not feel like you are being held back, blocked or burdened by something invisible.

You will finally be free to be the person you were meant to be and create healthy relationships, a career and a life you always wanted.  The Emotion Code can help you overcome obstacles from your past and get in relationship with yourself.

What Damage Do Trapped Emotions Cause? What Causes Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions derail us and keep us stuck in life.  They stop us from living the magnificent healthy life we are meant to live.

People with trapped emotions often accept living with physical, mental and emotional pain and illness.  Because they create distortions and imbalances in the body's energy field, they can cause a wide variety of physical and emotional problems directly or indirectly.  They distort body tissues over time, block the flow of energy and prevent normal function of organs and glands.

Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, emotional detachment, withdrawal, C-PTSD symptoms, panic attacks, phobias, being oversensitive and feeling stuck in life.  Many people report easily feeling shame, feeling over sensitive and over reacting to people and situations. Self sabotage, negative self talk, having difficulty in relationships and fear of failure are also common.  The list of damage that trapped emotions can cause is very long - removing them enables you to get 'unstuck' thereby assisting in your recovery time.

What causes trapped emotions? We've all been through emotionally difficult times. Whether we remember painful traumatic experiences in our conscious mind does not eliminate the reality that our subconscious remembers everything!

During a difficult emotional experience, we feel emotions, thoughts and physical sensations.  If we process them at the time and feel the emotion, we can let it go and move on with our lives.  If this process is interrupted and the emotional experience is incomplete, the energy of the emotion can become trapped in the physical body.  The more overwhelming an emotion is, the more likely it will become trapped. Also, the younger we are when we are experiencing intense emotions, the more likely they will become trapped due to the fact that children do not have the emotional intelligence to understand, process and/or release traumatic emotions.


Sometimes there is a core issue that we would like to address, maybe it’s overcoming childhood wounds, or overcoming fear, low self-esteem, shame. We can tailor our sessions to directly releasing trapped emotions that are affecting these specific areas in your life. The Emotion Code helps us cut through stubborn layers of resistance to change. After all, it took many years to get to where you are, so it’s natural that it may take focused attention to remove the limiting scripts that your mind is replaying.

This process can often be resolved in one session.

What is a Heart Wall?

The human body is incredibly intelligent and the heart has it's own unique intelligence.  The heart-wall is the creation of the subconscious mind.  Our heart is the core of who we are.  Think of a very young child who hasn't experienced hurt.  Their heart is so pure and innocent and loving.  We all started out that way but as our life progresses and we experience hurt, heartache and heartbreak we begin to trap emotions.  Our subconscious mind will use the energy of these trapped emotions to create a shield or a wall around our heart to protect it.  Over time that wall becomes impenetrable.  It is estimated that 80% of the general population would test positive for a heart-wall.

After a heart-wall is released we will find it easier to give and receive love in a way we haven't been able to before, we will be able to connect to others and be drawn to and enjoy interacting with others.  We will easily be able to feel empathy. Living with a heart-wall causes us to miss out on the bliss and love of life!

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