Knowledge is Your Power

When The Devil's The Defendant


Are you shocked by the vicious lies that are being brought out in court, that are all with the motive to discredit you?

Does your ex have the ability to transform in the courtroom into someone he/she truly isn’t?

Is it frightening how many professions fall for the manipulation of a person pretending to be something they are not, all the while pointing the finger at ‘you’ for what they themselves are doing?

Does the person you are going to court against care more about winning, rather than what’s in the best interest of the children?

If you answered yes to those questions, you may be going to court against an expert emotional manipulator, or a malignant narcissist.

If you are going to court against a narcissist – purchase your copy today. You can never be too prepared when it comes to the safety of your children!

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Dating Harley Quinn- Female Histrionic Narcissist


Lee’s incredible perspective on life has already helped thousands of people 
overcome alcoholism, addiction and survive destructive relationships.

On the 21st July 2015 at 4.20 a.m., Lee woke up in a police body bag, his Rolex and his memory gone...

Rewind to 7 years earlier, he’d moved to Bulgaria from an idyllic village in rural England. Not speaking the language, nor reading the alphabet, he built a multi million dollar business and was enjoying the luxury he’d worked so hard to achieve; his life had become everything he always wanted it to be.

Then, he met Angel… Angel was a Female Histrionic Narcissist.

She tried to kill him twice, he tried to kill himself once, an employee tried to kill him and in the end he tried to kill her! He went from $2 Million a year to homeless in 3 years and sank enough Meth to keep a herd of elephants awake indefinitely…

Brain damaged and homeless, Lee was destined to die alone in a foreign country.

The emotional, physical and financial devastation described is so vivid, you can almost taste it. But Lee’s ability to find humour in the darkest of places will inspire you and reassure you that there is no low so deep you cannot bounce back from. 

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I Miss Me & I Want Me Back

Self-Help Journal (PDF)

Trauma brought on by narcissistic abuse can cause the victim to develop a kind of emotional face blindness. While they may be able to literally "see" and recognize their physical reflection in the mirror…when they try to "see" or define their internal being…there is nothing but a deep rooted sense of loss, a devastating feeling of somehow being internally erased. This is a direct result of damage to the soul.

It's time to put an end to that lack… it's time to find the REAL YOU!!

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Destroy Limiting Beliefs Instilled By Toxic Parents 

This workbook will help you discover and destroy any limiting beliefs that were installed by toxic, narcissistic parents so that you can reach your own happiness!