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Knowledge is Power- Wisdom is the application of knowledge

When The Devil's The Defendant


Are you shocked by the vicious lies that are being brought out in court, that are all with the motive to discredit you?

Does your ex have the ability to transform in the courtroom into someone he/she truly isn’t?

Is it frightening how many professions fall for the manipulation of a person pretending to be something they are not, all the while pointing the finger at ‘you’ for what they themselves are doing?

Does the person you are going to court against care more about winning, rather than what’s in the best interest of the children?

If you answered yes to those questions, you may be going to court against an expert emotional manipulator, or a malignant narcissist.

If you are going to court against a narcissist – purchase your copy today. You can never be too prepared when it comes to the safety of your children!

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Anything in our life that we find is unwanted, can be traced back to our actions or lack of actions. Behind those actions lie the feelings that are responsible for those actions or lack of actions. Peeling it back further, we would find that beneath those feelings are the thoughts that are the driving force for those feelings.

When we realize this truth, when we truly grasp this reality - we conclude that the secret to everything that we have or do not have in our life, whether external things or internal empowering beliefs and high vibration emotions, are the result of our thoughts.

The techniques used in this journal will give your subconscious mind the road map to your desired future. By combining both the conscious mind together with the subconscious mind - you will create lasting change.

This 6 month journal is designed to take up only 5 minutes of your day. But do not underestimate the change it will create. By utilizing 3 powerful techniques: 1)coaching questions 2) visualizations 3) mind trick affirmations - you will begin to change the neural pathways in your mind from self-sabotaging, low energy, negative pathways to more empowering and positive pathways that will enable you to be the person you truly are while shaping the life you truly want to live. 


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Breakthrough Complex PTSD/Narcissistic Abuse
A video course designed to assist you in a self paced way to begin to take your power back

Priced below the cost of a one time coaching session - Michele Lee Nieves brings you a video course that will enable you to learn tools that can empower you to break free from narcissistic abuse while empowering yourself. 

This course is for:

*Anyone in a relationship with a toxic individual whether the relationship is between parents and children, spouses, or co workers, as well as those that have already removed themselves from toxic people but are still struggling with the side effects of narcissistic abuse. 

*Anyone that have been striving to overcome the side effects of narcissistic abuse yet either do not know where to begin or how to get 'unstuck'.

*Anyone that has wanted one on one personal coaching sessions, yet is currently unable to afford them at the moment.


  •  Those that only want to focus on the narcissist and/or toxic person It is easier to point the finger and looked at the wrongs that the toxic person engaged in. And trust me, observing the narcissists behavior has its place on your healing journey. But at some point, only those that are willing to look within are the ones that reach that deep, internal healing. Only those that become self aware, that stop living unconscious and stuck in old programming, shift inward and then forward. It takes being humble, realistic and compassionate with yourself to be able to put the focus on your own behaviors, thoughts, beliefs - this course is NOT for anyone that is not willing to do that. 
  • Those that are not willing to do their part and put into practice the information. Knowledge is power and learning about toxic manipulation, what it does to a person, how it changes a person from the inside out is powerful. But without applying it - it's as powerful as having the cure for cancer sitting on your dresser and never taking it. Wisdom is knowledge in action - but that requires effort, work, going outside of your comfort zone, un-learning limiting beliefs and re-conditioning your mind so as to break your old inner programming. Yes, it takes time and requires work - this course is a waste of time for anyone not willing to do their part.


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​One of my favorite expressions that I hear from my coaching clients is: Holy Shift!!!! Nothing makes my day more than when a client comes back for their next session full of excitement because they have seen a huge shift on their healing journey. Thus, the birth of my Holy Shift Way to Grow Merchandise.

I love the high quality of teesprings Sweatshirt and tank top. The material is soft and  cozy and the message is empowering!!

Get one for yourself and one as a gift for a friend!!!

I Miss Me & I Want Me Back

Self-Help Journal (PDF)

Trauma brought on by narcissistic abuse can cause the victim to develop a kind of emotional face blindness. While they may be able to literally "see" and recognize their physical reflection in the mirror…when they try to "see" or define their internal being…there is nothing but a deep rooted sense of loss, a devastating feeling of somehow being internally erased. This is a direct result of damage to the soul.

It's time to put an end to that lack… it's time to find the REAL YOU!!

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Destroy Limiting Beliefs Instilled By Toxic Parents 

This workbook will help you discover and destroy any limiting beliefs that were installed by toxic, narcissistic parents so that you can reach your own happiness!