Beautiful Yet Emotionally Abusive Women – Why Men Stay

By Michele Nieves | Female Narcissist

Oct 27
While men have a reputation for putting more emphasis on the physical appearance of their significant others, and many have put up with abusive treatment longer than desired because of the beauty of their partner – there are also many OTHER REASONS why men stay in abusive relationships – and they have nothing to do with the looks of their partner.

Here is a list of potential reasons why many men stay with women that are emotionally abusive:
1. DENIAL – He may dismiss the abuse by blaming it on PMS, or being over emotional. Many men ignore the fluctuations in personality because he loves her and wants the relationship to continue.

2. LOVE – Many men are driven by logic as opposed to emotion, the way women are driven, and he may find enough good in the relationship to “make up” for the abuse. Men are more quick to forgive and forget and it can be easier for many to focus attention only on the good times.

3. FEAR- He may stay out of fear – fear of what will happen to her if he leaves. Abusive women often threaten suicide if their partner leaves.

4. HE WANTS TO SAVE HER – At times when a man realizes that his significant other is toxic – rather than throw in the towel he may want to “save” her, “help” her.

5. BELIEVING ABUSE IS NORMAL – He may not know what a healthy relationship looks like, possibly due to growing up in an environment where abuse was common, and may not recognize that the relationship is unhealthy.

6. CHILDREN – There may be children involved and he feels he can be more helpful to them while living under the same roof since many men feel that going to court for custody is a losing battle and they’re afraid they will never see their children again.

7. PROMISES OF REFORM; False belief in the ability to change and stop abusive behavior is a common problem for men. They want to believe that a person CAN change but they fail to see that sometimes the abusive person doesn’t WANT to change.

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Nobody understands what you're going through more than someone who has been there. I grew up with narcissistic family member and had intimate relationships with malignant narcissists. For the majority of my healing journey, I felt as if I was all alone. I now dedicate my life to being the person for others, that I needed on my own healing journey, so that YOU never feel alone.