The Narcissist Competes With God Himself

By Michele Nieves | Narcissist Traits

Jul 20
Why are Narcissists Attracted to Spiritual People?

Narcissists engage in spiritual abuse! They love to twist scripture to their convenience, spiritually  condemn their loved ones while all the while stealing the hearts of kind people within the faith-based community.
Here are 5 reasons as to why a narcissist is attracted to a spiritual person:
  • 5: SPIRITUAL PEOPLE HAVE MOLDABLE PERSONALITITES: A spiritual person, regardless of their faith, recognizes that our spiritual health is much like our physical health. We do not exercise once a month and expect to feel healthy, rather a person desirous of true physical health cares for their health on a daily basis by exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc. It’s the same with a person desirous of taking care of their spiritual needs, they strive to exercise qualities that are appealing to God. The narcissist, seeing this desire to imitate lets say certain bible characters, they now have the ability to subtly make the victim feel as if they are not reaching their spiritual goals as to who they strive to be. If you are a wife and the narcissist learns about Proverbs 31 which dictates what a capable wife is like, they will casually say things like….”Well, you don’t do that.” or “I wonder if there is a woman that truly lives up to this definition of a capable wife.” or “I’m like David, always happy and you are like Saul who was always depressed.” The narcissist will never make the connection that their treatment of their family can inevitably bring out the worse in them, unfortunately in the eyes of the narcissist this is ALL YOUR FAULT. Beware if you are with someone who is constantly using scripture to make you feel NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! Do not fall into the trap of trying to ‘prove who you are to the narcissist’ Stay focused on the fact that the narcissist IS NOT GOD nor does our Creator see things the way a narcissist sees them!!
  • 4: SPIRITUAL PEOPLE HAVE DEPTH OF EMOTIONS AND ABUNDANT RESOURCES IN THE FORM OF ATTRACTIVE QUALITIES: No one is perfect; not even those with faith. However, people that are desirous to be spiritual people tend to have attractive qualities; they tend to be interested in the needs of others as opposed to overly focused on their own, they strive to be kind and compassionate, they are generous with others, they have love, goodness, faith. The narcissist on the other hand is truly an empty shell! They have nothing within, they feel nothing but a need to feel alive and powerful. The happiness and love they may portray is simply them mimicking others feelings, they do not feel real happiness or real love. When the narcissist attaches themselves to a spiritual person, a long, slow personality swap begins with the narcissist draining the other person of those beautiful qualities while all the while pouring their pathology into the spiritual person. As the personality swap is taking place the friends of spiritual person begin thinking their friend has “changed” and the narcissist begins to shine, attracting the victims former friends. The narcissist thrives when others look down on their significant other while putting them up on a pedestal. As the victim sees these changes taking place, yet while not fully understand what is going on, the victim continues to spiral downward in confusion due to the subtle forms of abuse and gaslighting where the narcissist constantly accuses the victim that they possess the very qualities, or lack of qualities, that exist in the narcissist!! The blurred reality sends the victim further and further from who they truly are as a person and affects not only their relationship with the narcissist, but their reputation in the community they are in becomes tainted. The narcissist gets much needed narcissistic supply from this personality swap as they are now admired for things they narcissist formerly envied in their partner yet are fooling others into thinking they now possess these qualities.
  • 3: THEY USE SCRIPTURE TO KEEP YOU IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPEventually most people begin to recognize that they are in an abusive relationship and want out. The narcissist, knowing this, uses the bible as a means to truly apply the ball and chain analogy. Once again they twist scripture into making you think you are “bad” for wanting to separate from them. Common phrases they use are: “You have no faith that God can help us through these problem” or “God hates a divorce you are making yourself an enemy of God” or “You don’t believe God is All Powerful” or “The bible says what God has yoked together let no man pull apart, you are fighting against God’s arrangement”. For a spiritual person to be told they are “bad” or “fighting against God himself” those are powerful accusations that penetrate deep within. The narcissist wants to confuse the victim so that the victim thinks they are “bad” for leaving an abusive relationship without the victim focusing on the fact that the relationship is toxic and killing the victim emotionally, physically and spiritually. By tail spinning the scriptures and combining truths with falsehoods, the narcissist often keeps their victims so long that there have been some that are so broken they no longer feel they CAN leave!
  • 2: THEY ARE INTRODUCED TO A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE ABLE TO ADMINISTER MUCH NEEDED NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY: Once a narcissist, especially a COVERT NARCISSIST tastes the admiration of those in a spiritual community the addiction to prove they are AMAZING, all the while making their partner look awful, begins!!! It is not uncommon for narcissists, who at one time had zero interest in religion or church, wind up staying with the church while the victim that introduced it to them feels rejected by the church. This is due to years of the narcissist spit shining their image in the eyes of the church while throwing mud on your image, after years of people seeing this, sadly they are fooled into thinking the victim is the problematic one and the narcissist is the victim!! Sadly, many have lost their faith because of this very tactic that the narcissist has to overturn how others view the victim.
  • 1: THEY THINK THEY ARE GOD: Narcissists feel above the law, they also feel others should revolve around them and the only purpose of others is what they can do for the narcissist. They are even more demanding of worship than the Creator Himself. Everyone lives and breathes to attend to the narcissist in their delusional view of themselves. What better to do than spend time around those that want to worship God, so they can undermine that worship and redirect it to themselves.  Yes, the narcissist slowly takes the place of God himself expecting everyone to yank themselves inside out to please him. The difference is, well they are NOT God and even God Himself shows compassion, understanding of our limitations, appreciates our sincere efforts, is full of commendation…unlike the narcissist. Not only does the Narcissist take the place of God, but also presents an unpleasable and cruel God, often resulting in spiritual disaster for the victims that fall under this unfortunate circumstance.

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Nobody understands what you're going through more than someone who has been there. I grew up with narcissistic family member and had intimate relationships with malignant narcissists. For the majority of my healing journey, I felt as if I was all alone. I now dedicate my life to being the person for others, that I needed on my own healing journey, so that YOU never feel alone.

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