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By Michele Nieves | Healing Narcissistic Abuse

Jan 12
There are so many books that  reveal the almost unimaginable stories of victims of narcissistic abuse….from exploitation, subtle coercion, systematic breaking down of ones self image….the truth is that unless you yourself have been a victim of narcissistic abuse….to understand the assault to ones soul is too surreal and unimaginable to be a reality.
But it is a reality.
It was my reality…and the reality of so many other victims of this toxic abuse.
Serin, or GB is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon owing to its extreme potency as a nerve agent.
The fact that no one could see or smell the weapon of mass destruction did not take away from the fact that it was real, powerful and enable to render your nerves powerless.
A narcissist employs weapons that seem odorless, undetectable, so subtle that you second guess yourself to their very existence. But the fact that their abuse flies so low beneath the radar does not eliminate the fact that the abuse is in fact real, it does in fact affect ones nervous system.
As one Neuroscientist commented….
.”the NPD’s gameplay puts their supply into a sort of comatose state, their actions affects the areas of the brain connected with emotional and critical thinking, namely the Amygdala & the Hypothalamus, basically switching off the critical thinking brain and causing almost constant emotional responses and hyper vigilance, the Pineal Gland is over secreting Cortisol, it’s the Fight or Flight response. These over secretions are part of the toxic feeling. This is also part of the reason why PTSD and CPTSD are prevalent in victims of NPD. As a result of exposure to NPD, the victim can have what is akin to a life limiting experience, memory loss, confusion, alcohol and/or drug dependency, while the sub conscious is actually shouting “RUN, RUN RUN!!”, but your critical brain is not functioning properly and the abuse is right in front of your eyes but is excused, denied or simply avoided.

To me…victims of narcissistic abuse are under constant emotional warfare!!!

To combat the effects of narcissistic abuse and to get back in touch with the person you once were……In February I am giving away 5 interactive self help journals entitled I Miss Me and I want Me Back!!!!!
It’s time to end the lasting affects of abuse to go on and enjoy life to your fullest potential.
For those that do not win in the giveaway…here is a link in which you can purchase a copy for $2.00.
Because it is a PDF E-Book you receive it immediately, and are also able to fill in the interactive parts right on the computer copy.
BUT Do not purchase this Ebook unless you truly are ready to do the work of overcoming narcissistic abuse


About the Author

Nobody understands what you're going through more than someone who has been there. I grew up with narcissistic family member and had intimate relationships with malignant narcissists. For the majority of my healing journey, I felt as if I was all alone. I now dedicate my life to being the person for others, that I needed on my own healing journey, so that YOU never feel alone.

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